A couple of days ago I posted a few photos of a watch I wear the most often. Seiko 5 is on my wrist daily. This one is for special occasions only as it’s a bit older, dressier and more fragile. I love all the marks and imperfections caused by almost 50 years of use. 🕰 1082C071-8AB6-47FA-82B9-47D954152DE7.jpg ECD40EE0-6738-422E-B6BB-619CB1FE5C28.jpg 4D0B5F6C-D01A-4208-A484-1C6185FAAD52.jpg C969673A-F880-4CE1-B912-190BB96035E6.jpg 7D3A1F90-6059-43E0-91E2-69AAEC317D23.jpg

Michal Lichwa @michal